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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.    Goals and Objectives    (Continued)

Program Priorities                              1984 Planned Distribution

1.    Model  projects on Title IX compliance                       15%

2.    Model projects on educational  equity
for racial and ethnic minority women

and girls                                                                           20%

3.    Model projects on educational  equity

for disabled women and girls                                         20%

4.    Model projects to influence leaders

in educational  policy and administration                    0%

5.    Model  projects to eliminate persistent

barriers to educational equity for women                  25%

6.    Other authorized activities                                          20%

o     To produce and market approved model products and strategies through
the WEEA Publishing   Center,   as   authorized   in     Sec.   932(a)(l)   of the

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

o     Because FY 1984 WEEA funds were frozen by the U.S. District Court in
United States v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago,    FY 1985
funds have been used to support 61 projects in FY 1984.    At such time as
the District  Court  releases the FY  1984 funds,   accounting  adjustments
will be made so that the 1985 WEEA awards can be made.

o     WEEA's publishing center (The Education Development Center) filled

2,300 orders in FY 1984, down from 14,617 in FY 1983. The number of
products available in FY 1984 was 301, up from 216 in 1983. On the
average, seven of each were sold at an average cost of $10 each.

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness
No new information.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for legislation

The Administration requested no funding for this program for FY 1985 because
it prefers to provide flexible resources for States and school districts
to use on this or other programs meeting local needs. The Congress, how-
ever, has appropriated $6 million for the program in FY 1985. WEEA was
reauthorized and amended by the Education Amendments of 1984, P.L. 98-511.
The amendments will apply to FY 1985 awards.or reduce destructive behavior associated with alcohol and drug